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[Updated on 21 September 2021] Bad weather: some sites and offices remain closed

Due to the current bad weather and flooding, the following sites and offices are inaccessible or closed:

  • the Large Scale Testing station in Esch-Raemerich will remain closed on 15 July 2021 until at least 14.00. Please note: people who have made an appointment at this station can go to the testing stations in Bascharage or Howald with their confirmation, without further formalities;
  • as regards the Luxembourg Inland Revenue:
    • the Mersch site is accessible again since 13 September 2021;
    • the Cloche d'or site (Tax Offices Luxembourg X, Luxembourg Y, Luxembourg Z and RTS Non-residents) and Echternach are open again;
  • as regards the Customs and Excise Agency: the Mersch Office will remain closed on 15 and 16 July 2021.

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