Find out about the new support scheme for professional journalism

A new support scheme for professional journalism has been put in place. It reforms the current support scheme for the print media and brings it into the modern age by establishing a single, equitable and technology-neutral framework for online and offline media.

The new scheme has 4 different components:

  • the preservation of pluralism, which, in particular, is aimed at current beneficiaries with an editorial team of at least 5 professional journalists;
  • the promotion of pluralism, which is aimed at emerging publishers with an editorial team of at least 2 professional journalists;
  • media and citizenship education for citizen publishers;
  • a transitional clause for publishers who obtained a higher total amount in 2019 than that provided for under the new scheme.

A transitional period of 5 years is meant to allow each publisher to adapt to the new legal framework.

Please note that this information is based on a draft bill of law. The new aid scheme will be applicable as soon as the law has been published in the Official Journal (Mémorial).

For more information on who is concerned, what the requirements are, and how to apply, see our explanatory information page.

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