New conditions for family reunifications

In the context of a family reunification, the person (applicant) who claims to be dependent on a family member residing in Luxembourg must provide proof that they have lived in the same household in the applicant's country of origin.

This condition applies to any family member of a citizen of the European Union (EU), whether he or she is also a citizen of the Union or a national of a non-EU country.

This community of life is established by:

  • a certificate issued by the authorities of the country of origin; or
  • proof of financial support, i.e.:
    • the applicant's state of destitution in the country of origin;
    • proof of regular money transfers made to the applicant by the person they wish to join in Luxembourg.

As of now, these money transfers must have been regularly made during a prolonged period of time before the application for family reunification is submitted and not only 6 months before the application. The analysis of applications is carried out taking into account the amounts of financial aid transferred, as well as the duration and regularity of the transfers.

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