Application for water permits: apply using

Water permits set out the conditions for development and operation that are deemed necessary for the protection of water (surface water, groundwater and drinking water).

The aim of this mechanism for combating water degradation is to meet, among other things, the protection of the aquatic environment and sustainable water use.

Water permits concern any person, natural or legal, private or public, who plans to carry out or implement, in the course of their activities, for example:

  • the elaboration of a special development plan (Plan d'aménagement particulier - PAP) for a new development;
  • all works, developments, structures and installations located in riparian zones or flood-prone areas;
  • any infrastructure for the abstraction, treatment or purification of water and the storage of water intended for human consumption;
  • all works, structures, deposits, installations or activities within protection zones and within water reserves of national interest.
Connection to the public sewerage system and to the drinking water distribution network is not subject to a water permit.

Applicants can now complete their application for a water permit via:

  • a assistant which allows the electronic transfer of the file to the Water Management Agency; or
  • forms in paper format that require the file to be sent by post to the Water Management Agency.

Please note that the electronic application procedure using requires authentication with a LuxTrust certificate.

Don't hesitate to find out more about this new procedure in our explanatory information page.

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