Extension of the cost-of-living allowance for 2021

Low-income households may, under certain conditions, apply for a cost-of-living allowance from the National Solidarity Fund (Fonds national de solidarité - FNS).

To be eligible for this benefit, the household's income must not exceed a certain threshold.

The amount of the allowance is determined on the basis of the applicant's household composition.

  • EUR 1,452 for a single person;
  • EUR 1,815 for a household of 2 persons;
  • EUR 2,178 for a household of 3 persons;
  • EUR 2,541 for a household of 4 persons;
  • EUR 2,904 for a household of 5 or more persons.

You can submit your application for the cost-of-living allowance for 2021 du 1er janvier 2021 au 30 septembre 2021.

For more information on the condition of entitlement and how to apply, please consult our explanatory information page (also available in plain language).

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