Specific aid for in-store retail businesses: deadline for applications regarding July, August and September 2020

In order to encourage and support small and medium-sized enterprises in the in-store retail trade, a specific aid has been made available. This aid:

  • takes the form of monthly capital subsidies; and
  • is calculated on the basis of the number of employees and self-employed workers in the company.

This is a direct non-repayable financial aid.

Applications for July, August and September 2020 must be submitted by 15 February 2021.

Please note: you must submit a separate application for each month concerned, i.e. a separate applications for the months of July, August and September 2020.

Applications for this aid must be submitted via The applicant needs a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card.

For more information on the granting conditions and how to apply for this aid, please consult our explanatory information page.

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