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Individual training leave: submit your application using the assistant

Do you wish to develop your professional skills through training? Then you can benefit from individual training leave in order to;

  • take part in training courses;
  • prepare for and take exams;
  • write a dissertation;
  • carry out any other activity related to an eligible training course.

To apply for individual training leave, you must fill in the appropriate form and send it to the Department of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth.

If you are an employee, the application should first be submitted to your employer for an opinion.  

If you are self-employed or exercising a liberal profession, the application can be made online via, using a LuxTrust product or your electronic identity card.

Note: the submission of applications online is now carried out with an online assistant - it is therefore no longer necessary to fill in a PDF document.

In any case, the request for leave must be submitted 2 months prior to the start of the training leave.

For more information on the formalities for individual training leave and the application itself, you can consult our explanatory information page.

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