Join the Entrepreneurs' Days

The Chamber of Commerce invites you to the Spring edition of its Entrepreneurs' Days, which will be held on 4 and 5 May 2021 in the form of some fifteen webinars.

These webinars, with a special focus on financing and state aid, cover all stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

On the 2-day programme, interested parties will find webinars on, among other things:

  • the entrepreneur's journey in Luxembourg: the regulatory framework and steps to follow;
  • State aid for innovation during the COVID-19 period;
  • financing a bank loan during the COVID-19 period: the State's bank guarantee, the Special Anti-Crisis financing by the SNCI and the Mutualité de Cautionnement (Mutual Insurance Scheme);
  • financing the takeover of a company, etc.

The webinars will be held in French and English, and participants will have the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs who will share their expertise and experience.

Consult the full programme and register at

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