Declaration of vacant positions: restricted or public job advertisements

Since 28 April 2021, ADEM's JobBoard is available to any person looking for a job and will no longer be limited to job seekers registered with ADEM (National Employment Agency). Any person looking for a job can consult the job offers publicly advertised by businesses without any further formalities.

Businesses declaring a job offer with ADEM will now have the possibility to:

  • choose a restricted view of their job offer (reserved for job seekers registered with ADEM and who have been preselected by a job guidance counselor); or
  • choose a public view allowing more people to see their offer (all job seekers, whether registered with ADEM or not).

The opening of the JobBoard will provide more transparency of the job market by multiplying the contact opportunities between employers and job seekers and by increasing the visibility of job opportunities for a larger audience.

It should be noted that employers who intend to hire staff must submit a declaration of vacant position to the National Employment Agency (ADEM). The declaration must be submitted at least 3 working days prior to any advertisement in the press or any other communication media.

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