You can now make an appointment for Large Scale Testing from your private eSpace on

People who have received their invitation to take a COVID-19 test within the framework of Large Scale Testing (LST) can now make an appointment from their private eSpace on

Advantages of the procedure using authentication

By opting for the procedure with authentication, you can benefit from the pre-filling of the online procedure with the personal data that is available in your private eSpace (also known as "authentic sources"). This means that you no longer have to provide the same information every time you make an appointment.

None of the data is directly stored in Your private eSpace is strictly confidential. Security measures prevent any consultation of your data by third parties.

The authentication procedure presents another advantage: if you do not have time to complete your appointment booking in one go, you can interrupt it at any time by clicking on the "Resume later" button.

You can later resume the appointment booking from the "My procedures" tab. Remember to check that the time slot you have chosen is still available and then send your request as soon as you have filled in all the necessary information.

If the original appointment slot is no longer available, you can choose another without having to enter all your details again.

You will receive a confirmation of your appointment directly in your private eSpace, under the "My messages" tab. You will also receive a notification of receipt of a new message in your private eSpace by email.

Please note that the appointment must in any case be made within the time limit indicated in the invitation you received by post or email.

How do I make an appointment online?

To initiate the appointment booking with authentication from your private eSpace on, you just have to connect to Then, you have to:

  • select the corresponding procedure in the procedures catalogue in the "Health/Social" section; and
  • click on "Create" to make an appointment online.

You can also book an appointment by consulting our explanatory texts dedicated to the booking of appointments for the different tests within the framework of the LST by clicking on the assistant in the "Forms/Online services" section at the bottom of the page.

As a reminder: to connect to and create a private eSpace, you need a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card.

You can still make an appointment online without using a LuxTrust product or an electronic identity card. It is simply a matter of opting for the procedure without authentication.

People who are unable to make an appointment online can call the Health Hotline on (+352) 247-65533 from Monday to Sunday between 8.00 and 19.00. The Health Hotline team will be able to help them make an appointment, provided the persons concerned have received an invitation (with a code) to participate in the LST.

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