Chamber of Commerce webinars for April

The Chamber of Commerce offers regular webinars for businesses to support their development. From 9 to 29 April 2021, you can register online for several events.

The sessions are held in French or English. They are free of charge and cover, among other things:

  • the aid for costs not covered;
  • the aid to compensate for the increase of the social minimum wage;
  • the creation and/or takeover of a business;
  • the use of Facebook and/or Instagram for business purposes;
  • the steps for establishing a business plan;
  • VAT best practices;
  • etc.

To find out what's on offer in the coming days and weeks, visit the Chamber of Commerce's event agenda.

Registration procedures are specific to each event. Registration is done directly via the agenda: by clicking on the webinar you are interested in, you will be redirected to an information page with a registration link.

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