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Booking an appointment for a COVID-19 blood test

The Luxembourg government invites residents as well as cross-border workers to participate in the voluntary and free of charge COVID-19 serological screening (blood test).

It is now possible to book an appointment for this test, provided you have been invited to do so by post.

The invitation includes a unique code that ends in "-R" or "-RZ" and is valid for 4 weeks.

The serological test makes it possible to find out if a person has been in contact with the coronavirus in the past even without having had any symptoms. Unlike the oral PCR test, it does not determine whether a person is infected at time T.

For more information on the serological test, you can consult our explanatory information page.

Please note that if you receive an invitation by post that includes a code that does not end in "-R" or "-RZ", the code in question is to make an appointment for an oral PCR test.

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