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Taxpayer support: online applications are available

Two fiscal measures designed to ensure the continuity of the Luxembourg economy are now available online:

  • the request for cancellation of the quarterly advances of the income tax (of corporations) and of the communal business tax for the 1st and/or 2nd quarter of 2020;
  • the request for a deferral of payment of the income tax (of corporations), the communal business tax, and the wealth tax.

They are intended for legal entities and natural persons who make a commercial profit, an agricultural and forestry profit or a profit from the exercise of a liberal profession and who are experiencing liquidity problems as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Also, remember that:

The deadline for filing tax returns is extended to 30 June 2020. This decision applies to legal and natural persons, as well as to taxpayers wishing to request, modify or revoke the selection of their individual tax scheme.

An FAQ on the subject has also been set up on the website of the Luxembourg Inland Revenue.

Finally, please note that all applications concerning non-existent quarterly advances or tax debts as well as for the tax debts whose deadline is before 29 February 2020, are to be strictly avoided in order not to unnecessarily overburden the services.

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