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Free temporary accommodation for cross-border workers active in the health and care sectors

The Government proposes providing temporary free accommodation in Luxembourg in hotels, holiday homes, etc., subject to certain conditions, for employees in the health and care sectors who live in Germany, Belgium, and the 'Grand Est' region of France.

Which cross-border workers are eligible?

  • anyone:
    • working in the hospital sector in Luxembourg, regardless of their level of qualification and type of work;
    • who lives in Germany, Belgium or the 'Grand Est' region of France;
  • each healthcare professional in the hospital sector residing in Luxembourg in a home with vulnerable persons;
  • any health professional:
    • working in the care sector:
      • in an accommodation establishment for the elderly or the disabled; or
      • for an assistance and care network in Luxembourg;
    • who lives in Germany, Belgium, or the 'Grand Est' region of France.

The spouse and dependent children of eligible people can also take advantage of the offer.

Who handles the bookings?

The Ministry of the Economy's General Directorate for Tourism in conjunction with the Luxembourg Convention Bureau (LCB) is setting up the accommodation service.

How do I apply for accommodation?

The employer (hospital, care establishment, retirement home, etc.) checks the eligibility of their employees according to the conditions set out above.

Each employer designates a reference person and fills in a form for the whole team, stating the names of those eligible and the length of their stay.

The document must be sent to the Luxembourg Convention Bureau by email to

The Luxembourg Convention Bureau then choses the place of accommodation for the persons concerned, depending on their place of work and the availability of accommodation possibilities.

Who pays?

The expenses are covered by the Luxembourg State subject to an invoice. The persons accommodated will not be required to pay in advance and will not be invoiced for the following services:

  • accommodation in a hotel, an apartment hotel, or holiday home;
  • full board depending on the accommodation operator's offer which must be validated by the reservation desk beforehand.
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