Supplementary communal elections in Schieren: postal voting

The Schieren commune is organising supplementary communal elections on 11 October 2020.

Each person registered on the electoral roll is required to vote. If you cannot be present on that day, you can request to vote by post.

In order to vote by post, you have to send your request for postal voting via or by post to the communal administration at the earliest 12 weeks prior to the election and 25 days before the election at the latest:

  • until 1 September 2020, if the polling card has to be sent to an address abroad;
  • until 16 September 2020, if the polling card has to be sent to an address in Luxembourg.  

If the application is submitted by electronic means, it must be signed by the voter using their electronic ID card or their LuxTrust product before submitting it via

Please note: the application has been correctly submitted to the administration if the "Status" column of the procedure in " / My procedures" will show "Sent". The submission of the procedure will be confirmed with an email sent to the voter’s email address indicated in

If your application is accepted, you will receive a poll card together with:

  • the list of candidates;
  • the instructions;
  • a non-transparent, standard-type, duly stamped electoral envelope;
  • duly stamped ballot papers;
  • an envelope – for the transmission of the electoral envelope – which must bear the indication "Elections - Vote par correspondance", the indication of the polling station on the lower right corner of the envelope and the reference number, name, first name(s) and address of the voter.
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