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Measures concerning student contracts concluded during the state of crisis

Coronavirus / Covid-19

The following are the new terms for fixed-term employment contracts concluded during the state of crisis between a student and an employer who is active in one or more of the essential sectors of activity as set out in the legislation, namely:

  • commercial and craft activities;
    • businesses that mainly sell food products;
    • pharmacies;
    • opticians, orthopaedists and hearing aid specialists;
    • businesses that mainly sell animal feed;
    • do-it-yourself and gardening businesses, and businesses selling mainly seasonal planting products;
    • businesses that mainly sell construction equipment and materials that are essential for carrying out orderly works in the building for which the products and equipment are intended;
    • telecommunication service shops;
    • shops mainly selling hygiene products, washing and sanitary equipment;
    • services selling fuel and petrol stations;
    • passenger transport activities;
    • distributors and specialist shops selling medical and healthcare equipment;
    • medical pedicure limited to medical and non-cosmetic care;
    • press distribution businesses;
    • financial and insurance institutions;
    • postal services;
    • dry-cleaning and clothes-cleaning services;
    • funeral services;
    • construction, renovation and remodelling activities;
    • breakdown, maintenance, overhaul, repair, removal and decontamination services;
    • maintenance activities that are necessary for safety reasons;
    • gardening and landscaping activities;
  • activities that are essential to protecting the vital interests of the population and the country:
    • public services necessary for the proper functioning of the State;
    • the health and care sector, including hospital activities and medical analysis laboratories;
    • the production and distribution of energy and oil products;
    • the food sector;
    • the production and distribution of water;
    • the collection and treatment of waste water;
    • the removal and management of waste;
    • public transport;
    • transport, transhipment and freight forwarding services;
    • systems for the exchange, payment and settlement of instruments;
    • postal and telecommunications services;
    • caretaker, security, cash transportation and cleaning services;
    • essential activities related to the operation of the financial sector and the insurance and reinsurance sector.

These contracts terminate on the originally agreed expiry date.

Please also note that they cannot be renewed after the end of the state of crisis.

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