How to react to a financial constraint from the CCSS as a self-employed worker?

Coronavirus / COVID-19

You are self-employed and are undergoing a second compulsory closure of your business since 26 November 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic measures?

If you have received a financial constraint concerning the payment of your social security contributions, the Joint Social Security Centre (CCSS) offers you:

  • to take stock of your annual income in 2020; and
  • to adapt your contribution base in order to reduce your social security contributions. To do this, you must request an income adjustment form;
  • if your annual income is reduced or insignificant, to request:

To do this, you must have your contribution base adjusted and send a request for exemption or reduction to the CCSS as soon as possible.

Note: when returning your application form, please manually add the following note on the form "Prière de retirer la contrainte !" (Please remove the financial constraint).


  • If you are exempt from social security affiliation, you are not covered by social security either.
  • If the exemption is registered retroactively (e.g. for the whole of the year 2020), the disaffiliation with the various funds will also be retroactive.

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