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Health professionals reserve - Self-employed health professionals can conclude a fixed-term contract as a state employee

In the context of the organisation of the health system during the Covid-19 pandemic, a self-employed general practitioner or a person practising a health profession in a self-employed capacity were given the possibility to conclude a fixed-term contract in order to work as an employee of the state from 4 April until 29 May 2020.


This option is now closed.  


General questions

Organisation of work

Within the framework of this fixed-term contract for health professionals, can I carry out my tasks by teleworking?

No. Administrative, logistical, stretcher-bearing and basic care tasks are done in the field in hospital and out-of-hospital facilities.

What type of facilities can I be assigned to under the fixed-term contract?
  • Hospital;
  • Advanced care centre;
  • Nursing home;
  • Home assistance and care networks;
  • Any other entity requiring reinforcement in the context of the Covid-19 crisis.


Can I choose the tasks assigned to me in the context of this fixed-term contract?

No. The health professionals reserve assigns tasks to you according to the different facilities' needs. In addition, the management of a given institution can decide to assign you as needed.

It is possible that the health professionals reserve will assign tasks to you that do not correspond to your profession. The assignment of tasks is done according to the needs of the different facilities.
In fact, the fixed-term contract stipulates that "in addition to the care services provided for under their own professional attributions and due to the state of crisis, the employee may be temporarily assigned to administrative, logistical, and stretcher-bearing tasks, as well as participation in basic care for patients or residents such as communication, feeding and hydration, mobilisation, hygiene and comfort care."

Is it possible that I will not be called in to work? If so, will I be paid?

Yes, those who have signed the fixed-term contract are called in by the health professionals reserve according to the needs in the field. It is therefore possible that you will not be called in. 

However, you will still be paid, in exchange for your 16-hour availability per week on the health professionals reserve.

Can I choose my own schedule when I work the 16 hours per week?

In principle, the needs in the field will dictate your schedule. In the context of the health crisis, we ask you to support us with the utmost flexibility. The health professionals reserve cannot take into account all personal preferences. The institution to which you are assigned plans your working hours.

Will I receive any protective equipment?

Yes, appropriate protective equipment will be put at your disposal for the tasks you perform.

Will I be in contact with Covid-19 patients?

It cannot be excluded that you will be in contact with Covid-19 patients during an assignment in a facility.

Contractual terms

Until when is it possible to conclude a fixed-term contract as an employee of the state?

The final deadline for concluding a fixed-term contract as an employee of the state was on 3 May 2020 at 23.59.

As medical activities will resume as from 4 May 2020, are doctors and other health professionals who opted for the fixed-term contract as an employee of the state allowed to resume their work in private practice beyond their availability for the national health professionals reserve?

Yes, provided that the state has granted them the right to have an ancillary activity. The ancillary activity cannot exceed 24 hours per week.

Services provided in a private capacity during the period of availability for the health professionals reserve are not billable to the CNS, but are remunerated under the state employee contract, whereas services provided beyond the period of availability for the state are remunerated according to the applicable tariff.

Given that medical activities resume as of 4 May 2020, can I cancel my fixed-term contract?

Yes, the fixed-term employment contract can be terminated by mutual agreement. You may send your cancellation request to


Is the compensation gross or net?
  • Base pay - gross;
  • Meal allowance - net;
  • Family allowance - gross;
  • Year-end allowance - gross.
I was paid at the end of April 2020. Does this payment cover the months of April and May?

The payment does cover the months of April and May, and the amount transferred is the net amount. You can find further details on the pay slip. You can access it in your private eSpace on in the My Data / Employment section.

Where can I find my pay slip?

You can access it in your private eSpace on in the My Data / Employment section.

I am on the reserve list and have worked more than 16 hours a week - will these hours be paid?

Yes, as a beneficiary of a 16-hour fixed-term contract, you can submit your overtime by means of a time sheet. The health professionals reserve will provide you with the relevant document in case of activation.

The PDF must be signed by your manager and should be sent to

Will people with children be compensated for childcare expenses if they are called to work?


Questions in relation with the resumption of medical activities

When is the resumption of medical activities expected to happen?

A resumption of medical activities beyond caring for the most severe and/or urgent health problems is possible from 4 May 2020.

This return to normal medical activity concerns all categories of physicians, in the extra-hospital and hospital sector as well as certain liberal health professions.

As a physiotherapist, am I only allowed to treat severe pathologies?

No, the physiotherapist can perform procedures for patients regardless of the nature of the health problem. The safety measures set out in the National Health Directorate Ordinance of 28 April 2020 must be applied.

The rule of carrying out a maximum of 4 sessions per day and a maximum of 20 sessions per week for priority care that cannot be postponed is therefore no longer in force.

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