Short-time working related to the economic recovery: deadline for submitting the application for the month of September

Businesses wishing to benefit from the short-time working scheme during the period of economic recovery are required to submit a new application each month.

The company, or its representative (e.g. a fiduciary), is required to submit the application using their business eSpace on

For September 2020, applications must be submitted via by 12 August 2020 at the latest.

Please note: applications for short-time work during the months of October, November and December must be submitted using by the 12th day of the month preceding the requested period of short-time work. Short-time work benefits can never be granted retroactively.

For more information on short-time working related to the economic recovery, you can consult our explanatory information page as well as the FAQs available on our website or on ADEM's website.

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