Discover our procedures with the possibility of eTracking

If you need to send a form to an administration and want to track its progress, opt for eTracking.

When downloading your form on, you can choose the option "Download with eTracking" (Télécharger avec eTracking). This will generate a number that will allow you to follow your procedure's progress by email and/or SMS. The generated number is mentioned on a sheet that needs to be attached to the form.

Among the procedures that are available with eTracking, you will find, for example:

  • the rent subsidy application;
  • the application for government financial aid for the building or purchase of a home;
  • the registration of a higher education diploma obtained abroad in the register of certificates;
  • the application for a VAT rebate or direct application of super-reduced tax rate when building or renovating a home.
All the administrative procedures available with the possibility of eTracking can be consulted on our website.
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