Request your criminal record extract from the Criminal Records Department or via

The criminal record extract is a copy of the national criminal record which is used to check your criminal record and indicates any convictions, including those handed down within the European Union.

If you are of legal age, you can request your criminal record extract via, for example, or in person from the Criminal Records Department, together with supporting documents.

You will need the extract for certain professions or contracts. Depending on the situation, you will need to request extract:

  • no. 3: criminal and correctional convictions, except those imposing in particular suspended imprisonment of up to 24 months, fines of up to EUR 2,500 or community service;
  • no. 4: information on the decisions in extract no. 3 and driving prohibitions; or
  • no. 5: convictions for acts committed against or involving a minor.

The issuance of the extract is free of charge. If your criminal record is clean, the Criminal Records Department will send you the extract by post. If the extract contains a conviction, you will be invited by post to collect the extract in person and will have to prove your identity.

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