Compulsory medical check for new employees

If you have recently been hired, you will soon have to undergo a medical check. This examination is carried out at the employer's request by the occupational health practitioner of the health service to which your employer is affiliated.

The pre-employment medical examination is mandatory and counts as working time. It is used to determine your suitability/unsuitability for the position concerned. It must take place within the first 2 months following recruitment, except in the case of a high-risk position (it must then take place before the date of entry into service).

Depending on the occupational health service, you will need to bring the following documents:

  • an identity card or residence permit;
  • a Luxembourg social security card;
  • a health record or vaccination card;
  • where applicable, your glasses/contact lenses.

The basic examination consists in several checks:

  • a vision test;
  • a physical examination by the occupational health practitioner (blood pressure, spinal examination, etc.);
  • a urine test;
  • a hearing test.

At the end of the medical check, the occupational health practitioner declares whether or not the employee is fit for the job an can pronounce remarks or restrictions.

Examinations can then be requested regularly by the employer, the occupational health practicioner or yourself.

In the event of disagreement with the occupational health practitioner's decision, you can lodge an appeal.

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