Entrepreneurs' Days

The House of Entrepreneurship organises a new series of workshops on 12 February 2019 and 6 March 2019 to promote entrepreneurship.

The Entrepreneurs' Days give you the opportunity to collect a maximum of information during different workshops in order to help you complete your project.

During these free workshops, you can ask questions about the following topics, in particular:

  • starting up, development and takeover of businesses;
  • bank financing and financial guarantees;
  • the IP Box scheme in Luxembourg;
  • the fundamentals of Design Thinking;
  • invoicing and business correspondence;
  • the new investment aid schemes;
  • teleworking and its challenges/opportunities;
  • how to insure a business and its manager;
  • the typical errors when starting up;
  • conquering foreign markets;
  • breaking the ice: networking.

This year's novelty: you'll be offered to participate in 60-second sessions to exchange business cards. These sessions will enable young entrepreneurs who started their activity less than 6 months ago to make contact with other young start-ups in their area of business.

N.B.: only limited spaces available. Registration for the workshops is strongly recommended.

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