How to request a document from a public administration or service

Since 1 January 2019, public administrations and services are publishing their available documents online on their website or on the portal.

Natural and legal persons do therefore have access to documents regarding administrative activities (circulars, activity reports, minutes and action reports from board meetings, etc.). They have the legal right to request the communication of accessible documents:

  • regardless of the medium of the document; and
  • without having to assert a personal interest.
In principle, the communication of these documents is free of charge.

Applications for accessible documents can be submitted via or in writing.

It should be noted however, that accessible documents containing personal data or data with a value based assessment/judgement of a person can only be communicated to the actual person concerned.

The document will be made available to the applicant as soon as possible by the responsible administration. In the event of a refusal to respond to the application, the applicant can challenge the refusal by bringing the case to the Commission on the Access to Documents.

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