The Children's Future Fund: new online services for parents

In order to facilitate the exchanges with the parents and future parents, the Children's Future Fund (Caisse pour l'avenir des enfants - CAE, also Zukunftskeess) offers new online services concerning family benefits and parental leave.

These services include:

  • the consultation and/or modification of their bank details indicated to the CAE for the purpose of paying family benefits and/or the parental leave allowance;
  • the subscription to the new "eDelivery" service on

Thus, instead of sending the documents by post, this new service allows the Children's Future Fund to offer to the rightful beneficiaries concerned the possibility to receive certain official documents in electronic format (eDocuments) directly in their personal eSpace on

Currently, the documents falling under this service are:

  • birth grants: the letters informing parents about the payment of the postnatal allowance, the prenatal allowance and the maternity allowance;
  • family benefits: the statement of the differential supplement, the family benefits, a questionnaire with respect to maintaining the right to family benefits, an information letter concerning the suspension of family benefits because of academic studies of the child, a request for information regarding your situation;
  • parental leave: income certificate, salary certificate, supporting documents and individual statements.

To take advantage of these new services, users must first activate the "eDelivery" function for the family benefits or for the parental leave as these are 2 different procedures. This step is necessary for receiving the documents in your private eSpace. After this, an email notification informs the user each time a new document becomes available in their private eSpace, where the document can be viewed in PDF format.

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