Winter tyres are compulsory in Luxembourg during winter driving conditions

Driving a motor vehicle on public roads in Luxembourg in winter conditions (black ice, packed snow, slush, ice sheets or frost) is permitted only with authorised winter tyres (winter tyres or all-weather tyres marked "M.S.", "M+S", "M&S" or the alpine symbol) mounted on all wheels of the vehicle.

With the exception of parked vehicles on public roads, these rules apply to all drivers: residents, cross-border workers, drivers transiting through the country, etc. In the case of non-compliance, they will by sanctioned with a fine of EUR 74.

For lorries, coaches and buses, winter tyres must be on all driving axles. The same applies to motor homes with a maximum authorised mass exceeding 3,500 kg.

This requirement does not apply to mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles, lightweight quadricycles, quadricycles, tractors and self-propelled machinery. It is also not applicable to certain categories of vehicles, provided that winter tyres do not exist by design for these categories, namely:

  • special vehicles other than motor homes;
  • vehicles used by the Army, the Grand-Ducal Police, the Customs and Excise Agency, the Emergency Services Administration and communal fire and rescue services.
If the vehicle must undergo a technical inspection during the winter season, preparations must be made for the rims and/or tyres to be subjected to an acceptance procedure, especially if their dimensions do not match those listed on the vehicle's compliance certificate. In this regard, it is advisable to always carry the technical documents relating to mounted rims and/or tyres.

There is no official "start" or "end date" for winter. Driving with winter tyres is only required if weather and road conditions call for it. It is mandatory to mount 4 tyres of the same type on the car.

To help motorists to drive safely during winter, car repair shops and car dealerships, the technical inspection centres of the SNCT (MOT) and the Automobile Club of Luxembourg (ACL) offer to inspect lights and tyres mounted on vehicles for free on various sites all over Luxembourg.


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