Civil servants and state employees, take advantage of the eDelivery feature

There is good news for civil servants and state employees. They can now receive the details of the reimbursement of their health expenses via, as is already the case with employees from the private sector.

Civil servants and state employees who are consulting a health practitioner usually have to either pay their consultation immediately or have to pay it later by bank transfer.

In order to obtain the reimbursement of these medical expenses they have to send their medical bills and statements of fees to their health insurance fund, together with a proof of payment if the payment was made by bank transfer.

The competent health insurance fund will then send a detailed statement of reimbursement of the costs incurred by post.

If they no longer want to receive such a statement by post, civil servants and state employees can activate the "eDelivery" function on

Instead of the paper document, they will receive an electronic document in their "Private eSpace". An email will inform them each time they receive a new detailed statement of reimbursement of their medical expenses.

The "eDelivery" function can be activated from their "Private eSpace" in, under the tab "My data". Then they must select the column "Health/Social" and activate the "eDelivery" feature.  

In the case of a first-time visit on, it is necessary to first create a "Private eSpace" before the "eDelivery" function can be activated.


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