The employment reintegration contract

In the same fashion as the professionalisation training, the employment reintegration contract is an employment measure aimed to the promote professional reintegration of the most vulnerable populations on the labour market. These are:

  • job seekers over 45 years of age;
  • workers with reduced work capacity;
  • disabled workers

Employers wishing to sign this type of contract with a job seeker can contact ADEM's Employer services and submit a declaration of vacant position.

The employment reintegration contract is concluded for a duration of 12 months. If the contract is signed following a professionalisation training, the duration of the training is taken into account in the 12-month contract.

ADEM is paying an allowance to the job seeker every month. The allowance paid is subject to standard social security and tax contributions applicable to salaries and the corresponding employer contributions are covered by the employment fund (Fonds pour l'emploi).

Employers receive an invoice from ADEM and must pay them the proportion corresponding to 50 % of the social minimum wage for unskilled workers. The proportion is reduced to 35 % of the social minimum wage for unskilled workers in the case the job seeker is of the under-represented gender in the sector of activity concerned.

The employer can also pay an optional performance bonus to the job seeker.

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