Tobacco and alcohol: what can you bring back from vacation?

The principle of free movement of goods and people within the EU means that tax and customs formalities when crossing intra-Community borders have been removed. You can therefore buy goods for your own personal use in a different EU Member State, with no limitation on quantity or value, and without having to go through any formalities whatsoever at intra-Community borders.

Maximum quantities have, however, been set for certain goods. This is particularly the case if you bring alcoholic beverages or tobacco bought in other EU Member States to Luxembourg. These thresholds are, for example:

  • 800 cigarettes;
  • 200 cigars;
  • 10 litres of spirits;
  • 90 litres of wines (max. 60 litres of sparkling wines).

In case of travel outside the borders of the European Union, but also to the French overseas departments or the Canary Islands, the quantities you can bring back are greatly reduced.

To find out more, read our new brochure "Partez à l’étranger l’esprit tranquille".

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