What to do in case of theft or loss of your papers abroad?

In order to avoid the inconveniences caused by having your identity documents stolen or having lost them, it is advisable to have two-sided photocopies of them, kept separately, or better, to scan them and send them to yourself by e-mail.

In case of loss or theft, it will be sufficient to retrieve them from your inbox, which will facilitate the request for renewal of these documents.

In case of theft or loss abroad of the passport or ID card, a declaration of theft or loss must be made to the local police authorities.

With this declaration and 2 photographs (passport type), the Luxembourgish national can contact the competent diplomatic or consular mission, in order for it to provide him with a temporary travel document ("laissez-passer"). This document will allow the traveller to return to Luxembourg without being allowed to make one or more stopover(s), except for airport transit.

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