Consular assistance: for whom and why?

A trip abroad unfortunately does not prevent the risks of getting sick or other problems befalling you in the places you travel to.

Even during your travels, you can count on the Luxembourg administration, which can offer you consular assistance if:

  • you lose your identity papers;
  • you are confronted with a major crisis in the country you stay in;
  • you have had an accident or have a serious illness;
  • one of your relatives dies abroad;
  • you are arrested or imprisoned;
  • you are the victim of a crime or offence.

To benefit from consular assistance, you must contact the Luxembourg diplomatic or consular mission responsible for the country you stay in. If there is no Luxembourg mission, you can go to the Belgian missions, and if there is no Belgian mission, to any diplomatic or consular mission of a Member State of the European Union.

A tip: if you have declared your trip to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs before leaving, the ministry can be more responsive and you will benefit from this consular assistance in the best conditions.

To find out more, read our new brochure "Partez à l’étranger l’esprit tranquille".

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