How to appeal against the recommendation for my child’s transition from primary to secondary education?

When your child completes the 4th and last level of primary school, you will be invited to a parent-teacher discussion in order to decide on your child’s path into secondary education.

If you disagree with the class teacher’s recommendation for your child’s transition, you can bring the matter before the guidance committee.

The parents and the class teacher may participate in the committee’s meeting as guests.

The committee's decision is final. No appeal is allowed.

As a reminder, during these discussions (which take place 3 times a year), it is decided which of the following years your child will transition to:

  • Year 7 in a classical secondary school 7C (enseignement secondaire classique);
  • Year 7 in a general secondary school - orientation scheme 7G (enseignement secondaire général de la voie d’orientation);
  • Year 7 in a general secondary school - preparatory scheme 7P (enseignement secondaire général de la voie de préparation).
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