Registering for the Heatwave Plan 2018

A heat wave plan is set up in Luxembourg each year in spring. The plan is aimed at persons aged 75 and over:

  • who live alone or with a disabled person;
  • with limited independence;
  • who are not covered by long-term care insurance.
Interested persons can register or ask to be registered in order to receive the monitoring visits and hydration assistance provided for in the Heatwave Plan.

Visits are made by home assistance and care services in the event of a "heatwave alert" issued by the Ministry of Health.

The persons concerned can register for the heatwave plan as of now. You simply have to complete this form and send it to:

Croix-Rouge luxembourgeoise
Plan Canicule
89, rue Jean-Pierre Michels
L-4243 Esch-sur-Alzette
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