What to do in case of a school accident?

Except in exceptional and duly justified circumstances, an insured person who suffers a school accident must immediately notify a member of staff who organised or supervised the insured activity.

For the accident to be covered, it must:

  • occur during an insured activity;
  • cause bodily injuries and/or damage to a vehicle.

Accidents are to be declared by:

  • the mayor (bourgmestre) or the principal of an educational establishment, or their representative (depending on whether it is a primary school or another type of establishment), for accidents involving schoolchildren, pupils or students in an educational establishment in Luxembourg;
  • the representative of the Luxembourg body organising an activity, when the accident occurs during an extracurricular activity at the pre-school, primary-/secondary-school, or university;
  • the responsible person (or their representative) of the department, administration, institution or association that organised the activity.

The accident declaration must be presented within one year on risk of forfeiture of the right to compensation. This period begins on the day after the occurrence of the accident.

To learn more on this topic, please see our information sheets on accident insurance. They have been recently updated in collaboration with the Accident Insurance Association (Association Assurance Accident - AAA).

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