Import your goods to Luxembourg by post or by express courier

You intend to import goods from a supplier or a private individual (family member, friend, acquaintance) established outside of the European Union? You will need to pay:

  • import duty;
  • VAT;
  • where applicable, excise duty and other taxes.

If you are ordering goods from a supplier, the amount of import duty and taxes varies depending on the type of goods imported. The amount is based on the total value of the goods and the transport costs.

When the goods are imported through a postal operator or an express courier company, the latter will complete the customs formalities on your behalf. They may in this case charge " customs presentation expenses" or " customs agency expenses".

If you receive a shipment from a friend or family member, you may be entitled to a tax and duty reduction under certain conditions:

  • the shipment must not be of a commercial nature;
  • a quantity limit must be respected in the case of certain goods.
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