Betriber & Ëmwelt

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) invites you to their second edition of their annual conference organised within the framework of the "Betriber & Emwelt" series, on Thursday 7 December 2017 from 12.30 to 16.30.

Businesses are subject to a broad range of environmental regulations and this event aims to present the latest developments in the current legislation.

The main themes addressed will be:

  • the regulation on "commodo" installations, namely after the publication of the "Omnibus" law and the 2 legal texts (law of 2 August 2017 and the Grand Ducal regulation of 29 August 2017) which have impacted the sector, as well as the legislative changes under way, presented by the Environment Agency (Administration de l'environnement - AEV);
  • the upcoming evolutions of environmental impact assessments (EIA) and development plans PAP and PAG for companies;
  • the recent changes in the field of water.

The conference will be the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the new MyGuichet assistant with respect to online "commodo" applications, a tool which facilitates the implementation of the regulation.

A "networking lunch" provides you with an informal stage to exchange your views with the LIST team, the conference speakers and all other participants in the conference.

Interested persons should register online before 29 November 2017. The conference is free of charge.

The event is organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure (MDDI) and the Federation of Luxembourgish Industrialists (Fédération des industriels luxembourgeois - Fedil), partners of LIST.

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