Department for the recognition of diplomas

Ministry of Education, Children and Youth

This page was last modified on 02-08-2017

The recognition of a foreign certificate or diploma is carried out by the Service de la reconnaissance des diplômes (Department for the recognition of diplomas) at the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth. (MEN).

In order to receive access to certain positions and professions in Luxembourg, it may be necessary to register or receive approval of diplomas obtained abroad. This is namely the case for:

  • secondary school graduation diplomas;
  • technical secondary school graduation diplomas (baccalauréat) or vocational certificates (vocational skills certificate, technician's diploma, master craftman's certificate - CATP, DAP, brevet de maîtrise)
  • academic diplomas, etc.

The Department for the recognition of diplomas is competent in these matters.

The same department will also carry out the recognition of vocational qualifications in healthcare professions (nursing auxiliary / health care assistant, nurse, specialist nurse, social worker, physiotherapist, etc.) and socio-educational professions (educator/child care worker, carer).

And, it is possible to receive a certificate attesting the level of studies in the event the higher education study cycle was not completed.

Department for the recognition of diplomas
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