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"Bëllegen Akt" and land register on

This page was last modified on 26-02-2018

If you plan to buy real estate in Luxembourg to live there, you have, under certain conditions, the possibility of applying for a tax credit on notarial deeds, called "Bëllegen Akt".

The application is made by the notary at the signing of the notarial deed.

This tax credit is limited to EUR 20,000 per buyer. This amount can be used in one or more times, if the amount of registration and transcription fees do not reach EUR 20,000.

To find out how much you have left, you can go to "My data" in your private eSpace on, then under the heading "Housing" and finally on "Tax credit on notarial deeds".

Once you have become the owner of real estate (either by purchase or by inheritance), you will be able to consult the ownership rights registered in the cadastral register for this property, by clicking on "Housing" under the heading "My data" of your private eSpace, and then on "Cadastre" . There you can see:

  • the dwelling's land registry/cadastral number;
  • its surface;
  • the visualization of the plot on the Luxembourg Geoportal;
  • each co-owner's share of the property.

If you use for the first time, you must first create your Private eSpace before you can consult these different elements.