Apply for individualised support for your child

This page was last modified on 08-02-2018

Does your child have a chronic illness or specific health needs (allergies, asthma, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy, haemophilia, etc.)? You can apply for an individualised support plan (projet d'accueil individualisé - PAI). This support plan will allow your child to participate in the education courses and the pedagogical, sports and cultural activities under the best possible conditions.

You, or your adult child, must submit a signed formal application for aid together with a doctor's prescription to the Department for School Medicine and Health of Children and Young People (Division de la médecine scolaire et de la santé des enfants et adolescents).

Your general practitioner may, where needed, update the PAI. The PAI states:

  • the support conditions;
  • the actions to carry out;
  • the medicine to be administered;
  • the emergency plan to follow;
  • the first aid techniques to help;
  • the list of contact persons in case of an emergency situation or if you have questions concerning the PAI or the child's health.